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Everyday Healthy Foods

Our mission is to offer fresh, tasty food that is also healthy. We took ‘everyday foods’ (salads-sandwiches-soups-stews) and worked hard to ensure each menu item is delicious while still being ‘healthy’ – no compromise on the flavor. It’s pretty simple stuff.

‘Everyday healthy foods’ is also a statement about healthy eating as a key part of everyday life. For us, healthy means simple, fresh ingredients that are high in nutritional value. Our menu supports a balanced diet with lots of veggies, lean meats and fish. Tractor’s informal cafeteria-style service is meant to keep meals easy and accessible, whether eating in or taking out.

Food Quality

Tractor uses the best quality seasonal ingredients. We strive to source as much local and organic produce as practical. Given we reside in Canada, we have much greater access to local fruits and vegetables in the warmer summer months.

We make all of our food in small batches on-site so we can serve the freshest food possible everyday. Our cafeteria format allows you to see and select a range of different items, priced ‘a la carte’.

While we don’t claim to be solely vegetarian or vegan, we have a very vegetable-heavy menu and the majority of our items are in fact vegetarian and vegan. A high majority of our menu items are also gluten-free.


Steve and Meghan Clarke

In early 2012, Steve and Meghan left the corporate world to invest all their time and efforts into what is now Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods. With two careers and two young children, time was very limited. Finding fresh, high-quality, healthy food was a challenge for them. By creating Tractor, Steve and Meghan hope to make everyday healthy foods easy and enjoyable.

Tractor Catering

Tractor's sandwiches, salads, soups or stews all are great options for a catered lunch or dinner. Ordering and delivery for Tractor catering is managed by Food.ee, so please view our catering menu and place your order at:

Menu & Order Information:  https://food.ee/restaurants/vancouver/tractor/

Call in an order to (Food.ee): 604-595-2953

Email an order to (Food.ee): order@food.ee

Salad Platters / Same Day Pick-Up

Our salad platters are an easy, delicious and healthy option for a potluck gathering or to simply supplement a family meal. Call the Kitsilano Tractor store and one of our chefs will take your order and have it ready for pick-up the same day.

Phone Tractor Kitsilano: 604-222-2557

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