As Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods, we believe we have a responsibility to make thoughtful food sourcing decisions on behalf of our community and customers.

This means partnering with like-minded food suppliers who believe in sustainable and ethical growing, farming, and fishing – while creating transparency around where our food comes from. We know that eating real, whole food makes us feel better and has a positive impact on the environment. We continue to build relationships with local suppliers who share a similar approach and desire to cultivate real food for generations to come.

Two Rivers Meats

North Vancouver, BC

Located in North Vancouver, Two Rivers Meats sources not only top-quality meats from local farms but also ensure the highest standards of animal welfare. Their team of journeymen butchers and red seal chefs prepare the Chili Maple Turkey Sausage which you can find in Tractor’s Sausage Breakfast Sandwich.

Coast 2 Coast (C2C)

Richmond, BC

Headquartered in Richmond, BC, C2C works with a fleet of top fishing vessels and fishers throughout B.C waters to harvest wild Albacore Tuna along with a selection of premium wild seafood, including salmon and shellfish.

Rabbit River Farms

Richmond, BC

Rabbit River Farms is located in Richmond, BC and produces free-range eggs. Their primary value is providing the best quality of life for their flock and work closely with the SPCA BC Humane Society to promote and advance cage-free egg production.

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