How it Works

Weekly Delivery

Fully customizable orders. Fridge full? Skip the order or pause at any time.

Fully Prepared

We take our chef-made meals to the final stage before shipping.


Heat & Eat or Grab & Go! One step to completion with few, if any, dishes to deal with.

Ready, Prepped, Go!

We shop, chop and deliver healthy meals. Our definition of healthy food encompasses a high proportion of veggies combined with a balance of lean meats and fish, whole intact grains and heart-healthy nuts and fats. We believe there isn’t one formula. We source as many local ingredients as we can and make our food in small batches on-site daily to ensure noticeable freshness

Our nourishing meals are made from scratch! Our approach is one of transparency – from the growers we partner with to our open-concept kitchens. We want to know where our food comes from and we want to share that knowledge with our community

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's in the weekly box?

That’s up to you! We provide you with a chef-curated list of dishes to start off with, but your box is fully customizable.

Can I swap items if I have a food allergy or a dietary preference?

Absolutely. You’re the boss of your box, so customize it to meet your dietary needs, preferences and budget.

How long will it take me to prepare one of your meals?

Our pre-prepped meals come ready to eat or heat. Heated meals need between 8 and 40 minutes in the oven.

When are my meals delivered?

We’ll text you with your approximate delivery window and a tracking link the day before your scheduled delivery day. You’ll also receive a text when the driver is nearby with your box.

Can I give a box to a friend?

Yes! You can order gift boxes to send to a friend through our site or email us at and our dispatch team can help you out.

Is there a default setting for food allergies or dietary preferences?

There’s no automatic setting right now but we’re working on it.

When is the cutoff to customize my order?

You have until 11:59 pm, four days before your order ships to add or remove items from your box. We’ll send out an email and text reminder each week with the weekly menu.

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